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Social Listening

Tackle Negative Feedback Before They Become Damaging

Buzzzworth has been providing full-fledged digital marketing and SEO services to some of the world’s most well-known firms. We have a team of ‘Listeners’ for English and other languages who use the best tools to track talks about your business as part of our service offering.

The internet and social media are significant data sources on customer perceptions and competitiveness because of their scale and reach. Monitoring online discussions, assessing consumer sentiment, analysing customer data from various online sources, such as social media and review sites, and transforming this data into actionable insights is the process of listening.

Our Social Listening professionals employ cutting-edge technology to monitor conversations 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We assist you in developing positive relationships with your consumers and providing excellent service through our insights.

Effective social listening in digital marketing provides a clear picture of consumer sentiment in addition to monitoring mentions.          

Buzzzworth provides a comprehensive array of Listening services that not only meet your specific needs and budget but also ensure profit from positive talks and address negative feedback before it becomes destructive by combining web data with input from social channels. Take a peek at some of our most popular Listening services below:


Insightful Reporting 

Monitor Your Brand’s Conversations

Buzzzworth’s team of Listening specialists collect data from all across the web 24 hours a day, seven days a week and turn it into actionable insights for your company. We’re professionals in sifting through the noise using cutting-edge tools like Meltwater Buzz, Synthesio, Radian6, and Brandwatch, as well as the resources you currently have. 

We can use Listening to:

  1. Analyse the impact of your social media.
  2. Get an unbiased public opinion about your business.
  3. Find new leads.
  4. Spot trends as they emerge.
  5. Gather research for a new product line.
  6. Justify marketing decisions.

Find out where your authentic audience hangs out and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.


Social Media Monitoring

Have Social Media Listening Improve Your Business

Social media monitoring is the process of following, mining, and aggregating data from social media conversations to precisely understand customer sentiment and feedback and use that information to make practical improvements to your product, business model, or marketing initiatives. Buzzzworth has a fantastic team of listening and social media experts who will comb through different social media platforms to analyse conversations and complaints about your business to obtain insight into how it is perceived online. This information is then utilised to recommend real-time resolutions or condense them into simple reports for long-term adjustments.


Perception Analysis 

Customers’ opinions are mined through listening to see if they are saying nice or negative things (or staying neutral) on various web platforms. It provides you with an honest, unbiased assessment of how consumers perceive your brand.


Competitive Analysis

Listening isn’t just for your customers’ benefit. You can get critical intelligence by listening to conversations around your competitors, especially about challenges that your competitors’ brands can’t answer.


Enriching Customer Service

The majority of brand-related comments do not use your official account. To put it another way, many talks revolve around you rather than with you, and your company is missing out. Listening allows you to surprise your customers by chiming in even when they don’t mention you explicitly by including such dialogues as part of the process.


Reputation Management 

Because of the vast amount of information available on social media, it’s challenging to promptly monitor and respond to negative brand talks. They can harm your company’s reputation in the long run if left neglected. Listening saves the day by identifying where the conversations occur so that your social media managers can respond quickly.


Actionable Data

Conversations take place everywhere: in stores, on the streets, and Facebook. They are, however, amplified and multiplied swiftly due to the scope and reach of social media. A skilled listening team can help you filter out the noise and focus on the most critical information for your company.


Buzzzworth is designed to build your brand.

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