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Web Analytics

Monitor And Improve Your Digital Marketing Efforts

The most effective approach for any company to know if they’re making the right marketing decisions is to analyse the data collected from their website and other digital assets. We can achieve this with the help of web analytics. Several analytics tools and services, such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, e-commerce analytics tools, social media analytics, and so on, can be used to track and collect data. To gain insights from the obtained data, it must be analysed on several levels.

Our analytics professionals design dynamic and interactive dashboards that are feature-rich, scalable, and insightful, and that will assist the brand in determining the most successful next moves.

Web analytics can play a critical part in influencing a brand’s future business decisions by better understanding consumer needs and mapping exact user sentiments toward the brand and its marketing efforts.

Buzzzworth provides an extensive range of Web Analytics Services that not only meet your needs and budget but also drive true, qualified traffic to the websites and stores using proven methods. Take a look below at a few of our most popular Web Analytics Services:

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Digital Analytics Dashboard

Know The Story Behind Your Data

Dashboards for digital analytics allow you to keep track of different digital marketing platforms from a single, simple interface. Buzzzworth can provide you with an industry-leading custom-built online marketing dashboard that monitors and presents your success indicators in real-time across platforms through a single, easy-to-use interface. It then gives you a summary of easily digestible and actionable information that can help you improve your business development efforts.

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Google Analytics 

Power Your Digital Marketing Efforts 

As one of the world’s most powerful digital accountability tools, Google Analytics can help you understand how customers arrive at your website, why they leave, and how practical your advertising and marketing activities are. We can help you integrate this wonderful technology into your website and make greater sense of the results and how they can be utilised to boost your marketing efforts as one of the best SEO, digital marketing, and web solutions.

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E-Commerce Analytics 

Make Smarter Decisions With Measured Performance 

Pool resources and concentrate their marketing efforts. Every online store requires regular and correct data input such as site traffic, top landing pages, social media performance, SEO performance, sponsored search ROI, and much more. Our e-commerce analytics professionals can assist with implementing tailored analytics systems for any e-commerce website and auditing the data to help you make sense of it and optimise business processes.

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Heat Mapping

Visualise Your Data

Heat maps are 2D graphic maps that track everything a user does with a mouse, such as motions, clicks, and scrolling, to analyse a user’s journey across a website. This information is then utilised to create a simple visual representation in which colours represent values. Buzzzworth’s experts can not only follow user journeys in real-time and collect data about your website’s most high-performing sections, but they can also analyse and explain why some interactions are effective while others are not. This allows you to identify areas of your website that need to be improved and take the necessary steps to improve them.

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Google Tag Manager

Simple Solutions For Smarter Businesses

Google Tag Manager is a simple, easy-to-use tool that lets you add conversion tracking, optimisation, and SEO functionality as and when you need it, without installing heavy plugin software or making frequent code changes. We are not just the Middle East’s first Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP) agency but also one of the finest providers of this solution in the region. We can assist you in implementing systems that allow you to take advantage of the most up-to-date tracking capabilities without devoting significant resources to web development.

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Attribution Modeling 

Optimize Your Digital Campaigns

Attribution Modeling is a set of concepts formed by identifying the most important digital touchpoints in your customers’ journey and then assessing them to assign values to each of these points based on their impact on your bottom line. We can assist you in analysing and interpreting attribution data to focus your efforts and expenditures on the channels producing the best results.

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A/B & Multivariate Testing

Know What Works Best For You

A/B & Multivariate Testing compares two or more variations of a webpage to see which one works better in achieving certain goals or inspiring a better response from a specific audience. We have a comprehensive and all-encompassing testing framework at Buzzzworth that starts with goal identification, generates variations and tests the experiment to collect relevant data and analyse the outcomes to obtain insights into optimising your sites.

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Web Analytics Audit 

Ensure The Accuracy And Relevance Of Your Analytics Data And Strategies

It is essentially an audit of your website’s auditing and analytics tools and solutions to see if they are collecting relevant and necessary data. This allows you to account for changes to your website’s architecture, content, and design to guarantee that the many analytics systems in place are not harmed. We can examine your web analytics set-up and assist you in identifying data discrepancies between your various online analytics accounts and ensuring that they are repaired and synchronised to meet changing business objectives.

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Enhanced E-Commerce Analytics 

More Reach, More Leads, More Sales 

Enhanced E-Commerce Analytics is a Google service that analyses user behaviour on e-commerce websites, from the first section they visit and the products they hover their mouse over to why and where they leave shopping. We can not rely only on Enhanced E-Commerce Analytics to collect the most relevant data for your e-commerce portal, but we can also help decode this data into specific improvement recommendations, which we can then turn into real changes to your storefront using our creative, design, and development expertise.

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Website Analysis & Reporting 

Charge Your Marketing Efforts

Website analytics and reporting refer to the act of analysing, processing, and translating a website’s internal data to determine if individual, organisational goals are being fulfilled. We take a wonderfully comprehensive approach to website research and reporting as a Google Analytics certified agency. We examine website code, exit rates, bounce rates, content mistakes, competition performance, and much more to compile reports that include demographic, geo-location, traffic, campaign summary data, and other types of data that can help with business development.

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Social Media Analytics 

Get Insight Into Your Brand’s Performance On Social Media

With social media platforms’ sudden and extraordinary popularity as crucial spaces for discussing products, services, and brand experiences, businesses must devote resources to listening, analysing, and acquiring social media insights into how their brands function or are seen among customers. We have a fantastic team of listening and marketing professionals who use cutting-edge technology to sift through various social media conversations to acquire insights into specific client needs and then use those insights to offer precise marketing tactics for future improvement.

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Get started now — and start getting results with our Web Analytics Services.

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