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The only job automation and AI they didn’t replace is live streaming. To stand out, you need continuous extreme hardcore content

The sterile white cube had some feminine accessories that made it look like a teenage girl’s bedroom. But behind the door was no home to a loving family, just endless rows of identical storage units dressed as teenage bedrooms, each with a desperate cam girl inside, masturbating on cam twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week just for the chance to pay rent for his broadcast room.

In this particular unit, the streamer with the long cinnamon hair was taking an unscheduled break. The only best free porn movement on screen was the hypnotic swaying of her breasts in sync with the piston moving in and out of her mouth, making wet gluks for the 600 spectators. The rubber hammer was as thick as a baseball bat and just as long. Combined with the metal rod it was attached to, it was penetrating the girl from mouth to stomach every second.

The machine slowed and the girl came alive around her with a painfully gagged cough until she pulled her throat from the post to cough properly, her breasts bouncing like a storm as she did so.

“I… passed out?” Laci told the camera of her once that she remembered who she was and why she was naked. “And you were staring at me this whole time? I’m so embarrassed. How long did you guys fuck my throat?”

She checked her screen with a hub of all the latest stats and vital signs. Every two hours, Laci did a deepthroat cheer train. She set the timer on her throat fucker for five minutes, and any of her viewers could extend the prank fest another five minutes by sending a digital cheer at the cost of a dollar.

“Forty minutes! My God, you guys are so amazing! Thank you so much.” Laci tried to keep her cheerful persona in line, though her voice free porn movies was raspy from a bruised larynx, and the time she spent passed out wasn’t restorative enough to make up for her complete lack of real sleep since starting her new career three weeks ago.

She kept the smile from it, but something made Laci’s face twist into a deep grimace and she squeezed her abdomen under her left breasts. “Hmph ahh…ahh…ahh…Thank you so much…DieLaci69…for hmmph…for adding the length of your dick to the dildo in my ass with your donation of nine dollars. Are you enjoying watching him crawl nine inches deeper into my butt into the intestinal chamber?

The heart rate displayed on the screen betrayed Laci’s calm demeanor by having her digestive system violated so thoroughly without painkillers. The Colon Snake gauge was at a record 137 inches and the camera mounted at the end showed the glowing pulsing flesh of her small intestine struggling with the notion of a fist-sized invader getting that far.

“It’s getting so deep in there. Keep it up guys and you just might see it come out of my mouth!”

She didn’t announce it to her fans, but with that last donation (minus TinyTeensLive’s 80% cut), she had paid her rent with free porn site a full week left in the month. This would be a triumph for most streamers considering that every young woman on the planet was competing in the same field; cam-girl turned out to be the only job that robots and AI couldn’t steal. But the promiser could not celebrate yet; she had taken out a substantial loan to buy the latest technology that might give her an edge. Her interest in the Throat Buster, the Colon Snake, the Sybian chair, and the Digital Feedback Choker was more than her combined costs of living and internet.

Anyone crazy enough to lend a streamer money was crazy enough to harvest her organs if she didn’t make too many payments, so Laci was all in.

Her mother always said of her shy daughter that she was too plain looking to make it in indian sex videos today’s sexual economy. Well, take that, mom! And if you’re watching, subscribe.

“We’re going to do a cum drinking session now, but I want to remind my amazing subscribers that they can activate my vibrator whenever they want. I know, I know, you like to wait until the last minute, but we cut it.” too close yesterday and the orgasm goal doubles every day. If you’re new to the channel, the necklace I’m wearing is programmed to start choking me to death if we don’t reach our daily orgasm goal. It rates my orgasms by intensity and gives them a point value. If you click the pink heart button, my vibrator will turn on and we’ll get a few more points on the board. It is completely free for subscribers and pYou can click as many times as you want.

Laughing emojis flooded the screen. The dildo inside her pussy and the clit attachment remained unactivated.

Laci wasn’t lying. It was by design that she was unable to remove the collar or activate the Sybian herself. And with the pain of the Colon free porn xxx Serpent in her bowels and the frequent violations of her throat, she found it nearly impossible to climax without help. Risking her life for the enjoyment of her fans was her channel’s trick, but Laci did not expect that they would rather see her suffer wickedly and never leave her.cum.

The disappointing 1903/8388608 counter began flashing red as a 15-minute warning before the black choker around her neck began to take the life out of her. It was an emotion that was ready to channel into a massive orgasm if someone would just click the fucking button.

She remained cool and collected. All smiles. “Let’s see who else I’m going to swallow cum for today. Big Load, is it all yours? Oh my gosh, there’s so much this time! How long did it take you to fill this entire vial?” Laci held a clear 64 oz container to the camera and poured out its thick, whitish contents before opening the lid.

B1G-L0AD: Drink it all you stupid bitch.

“Mmmm, you don’t have to tell me twice, Big Load; it smells delicious.”

The stench was nauseating and Laci gagged harder than her throat fucker. The only way to hide her disgust was to hide her face behind the vial with free sex videos her tip as she let the lumpy cum slide down her sore throat. A half gallon of room temperature cream wasn’t going to ruin her dream of becoming a successful streamer after coming this far.

I gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp… “Oh, gosh,” he said with a mustache of glue before almost returning some of the progress to the jar, “it’s so good. I can tell you were thinking of me when you you did. I would love it even more if you made me cum while drinking.”

Her talk laughed at her, and her seat went lifeless. Swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow…

It took her 15 minutes to gobble up all the cum and make a show of picking up the sticky leftovers from the bottom and licking her fingers off. She had her eyes closed most of the time and time slipped away. It was her necklace that reminded Laci that the day’s cycle had come to an end.

“Oh god, it’s starting. It’s choking me.” She was really expecting vibes now and started to lose her cool. “Is it broken? Are fuck video they clicking!?”

Laughter emoticons and messages about watching her die continued to flood her chat window. She knew he wasn’t broken; no one was clicking the orgasm button. She had no regrets, except perhaps for buying a choking collar.

The viewer count swelled to 700 people, all watching Laci desperately grind the inert rubber nub of her seat and bounce off her fake dick as she tried to ignore the pain in her stomach as she accidentally shook the whole thing. colon snake length. But of those, only about twenty were subscribers with the power to make her come. She could orgasm on her own, perhaps strong enough with the adrenaline rush of the near-death experience to count as a thousand points for the choker algorithm, but that was a drop in the ocean this close to the line. of goal.

She came in strong and the counter rose to 1037, a hollow victory that she had no chance to repeat without assistance. Laci’s strength was almost gone. Her face was turning hd sex videos red and her eyes were rolling to the back of her head as her seat came to life, vibrating against her clit and turning her vaginal insert.

The braggarts had withdrawn. The Sybian’s intensity escalated with the number of clicks and she worked the magic on her instantly. Laci wasn’t intentionally flaunting her ahegao; her tongue stuck out on its own. She couldn’t help wasting what precious air she had left on moans before her collar was too tight for any sound to escape. Her orgasm score was rising, but the number that would release the choker’s grip still seemed hopelessly out of reach for her.

Then came a wave of new subscribers, a handful of good Samaritans who were willing to pay the $5 subscription fee just to click the button and potentially save the cute streamer’s life. The rising noise of the machine drowned out Laci’s weak, dying gasps.

Like every day, she was reduced to those who wanted the power to hold someone’s life in her hands. Her cursors hovered over the button hd xxx movies as they waited until the light in Laci’s eyes began to fade…

When they decided they had seen enough, her additional clicks made the Sybian hoverclocked and got hot. Every single one of the girl’s muscles tensed so tightly that you could see the path of the colon snake through her belly. The orgasm score shot up faster than Laci’s IQ points were falling. Beyond the peak of her mind-blowing orgasm, the girl’s arms fell limp to her side and she remained motionless even after the timer returned to her green color and reset to 0/16777218, coincidentally. with her heart rate.

Again there was a brief moment of panic as Laci resumed brain function. Cold and exposed, she covered her breasts hindi porn videos as she searched for clues. The camera, the angry messages scrolling about white knights ruining it for everyone else, the fake bedroom of hers and the vials of semen, some empty, some full… It was all coming back to her. She undid her bra from her hand and forced a natural-looking smile.

“Wow, another close today, huh? Thanks to everyone who was generous enough indian porn videos to let me broadcast for you at least one more day. Oh, loads of donations coming in! You guys are the best!” LacaI braced myself for the sound of the machine feeding her ass with the long rubber dildo, peering into her colon chamber to see the three extra feet coming at her.

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