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For my birthday, I gave my mom to friends

On my twentieth birthday, my friends and I sat at the table, drinking and poisoning different stories. – Listen, Seryoga, is it true that you fuck your mother while your father goes on business trips? – Yes its true. I replied. – Fuck yourself! And what’s it like to have your own mother? the boys shouted in unison. Well, you can’t explain it like that. You will understand this if you give it to your own. – Not everyone has such mothers-givers like you! – Well, I added sleeping pills and use it as much as you like, although there will probably be other sensations. – Hey, don’t you think it’s not fair that you’re the only one fucking your mom, the kind of MILF that each of us would love to slap? – Guys, if you want, I can arrange. – What exactly? – Well, call your mother, she will come and we will post it. And all together and each of you separately! – Aren’t you joking?! – No. So why the fuck is she not here yet? I took out my phone, dialed my mother and turned on the speakerphone. – Yes, son! – Mommy, are you far away? – Yes, I’m sitting here in a cafe, but what? – I promised the boys that today they will be able to fuck you, so come on, go home. – Son, the same is not done! I can’t just give to all your friends like that! – And what about the taxi driver yesterday or the neighbor the day before yesterday or the security guard in the store a week ago? Yes, I’m sure you’re still sucking the waiter in the toilet! So let’s go home! Moreover, she herself said that you want to be fucked like in porn! Here you get what you want! – Fine! I will be soon! And how many of you? – Including me – eight! I hung up, and the boys screamed with joy. Twenty minutes later, my mother opened the door and entered the apartment. – Boys, hello! You must have been waiting for me here? – Still waiting for you, Aunt Katya! – Then wait a little more, I’ll go to the shower! – Then, go! – I said and pulled my mother to me – Otherwise, the guys here will go completely crazy! – Well then, boys, let’s start what I came here for! Take off your pants and come to me! – Mom said and knelt in the middle of the room. She pulled her black hair into a ponytail in a deft move, unbuttoning the top couple of buttons on her blouse, revealing a four-piece chest. Despite the fact that the blouse was translucent, my mother did not wear a bra under it. Therefore, protruding nipples were clearly visible from under her. A tight pencil skirt fitted her legs just above the knees, and below all the advantages were emphasized by black tights. The guys clearly did not expect such a rapid development of events and became rooted to the spot. Then I decided to take the initiative in my own hands. I unbuttoned my pants and took out my erect member. He approached his mother and poked him in her face. She immediately took it into her mouth and began to suck. Her lips ran across my device from the head to the very base. Sometimes my mother took it out of her mouth and began to lick and suck on my balls. After standing there for a couple of minutes, I stepped aside. – Well, guys, why did you stand up in your tracks, you yourself asked, so swoop in! The guys immediately took off their pants and began to poke their members in my mother’s face. – Well, boys, not all at once, I have enough for everyone! Mom broke into a smile. She took in her mouth first a member of one, then the other, then the third. So she twirled between my friends, who stood around her. She greedily swallowed a member of each of them to the very foundation, and the guys at these moments tried to stick it even deeper into her mouth. – So, guys, stop! I commanded. They all stopped and I went to my mother and helped her up. – Pull the table to the center of the room! The guys did it right away. Then I led my mother to the table and with a slight movement of my hands tore off her blouse. Her large and soft tits immediately jumped out from under her. With the next movement, I took her skirt and laid my mother on the table, and then tore the pantyhose. – I could just take it off! And then you tear the third pair in a week. – So much sexier! Mom smiled. I pushed aside her panties and turned to the guys: – Do you want to fuck my mom? – Yeees! the boys shouted in unison. – Then each of you will now come up and lick her, and whoever does not agree will not see her holes! The guys wanted to object, but I interrupted them: – And how did you want to fuck her for free ?! This is your payment! So go ahead! After a little hesitation, one of the guys came up and began to lick my mom’s slit. At first slowly and reluctantly, but gradually began to become more and more active. Finally, he began to greedily bite into her lips. It made my mom squirm all over the table. Her moans echoed throughout the room. – Enough! – I commanded, – Next! Then things went faster. The guys were so aroused by the way one of them did kuni that they themselves were eager to touch their lips to the tender slit of my mother. They alternately greedily dug into my mom’s pussy, caressed her clit and fucked her with their tongues. When the last of them pulled away and wiped his mouth, I approached my mother, who was already choking in euphoria. I took the scissors from the nightstand and cut my mother’s panties. – It would be more convenient for you, people! Fly in! The first one approached my mother and with a sharp movement droveinto her member to the very balls so that she arched and screamed. He began to peck her with sharp movements. My mom screamed at every push. I went to her head and pulled her to my cock. Mom obediently opened her mouth and I inserted my device into it. After a couple of minutes, the first was dragged away and a second one stood in his place, who began to peck her. I moved away to look at it and one of the guys immediately stood up in my place and put his dick in my mother’s mouth. Moreover, he entered so deeply that she even coughed, but this did not stop him and he began to fuck my mother in the throat. This went on for fifteen minutes. The guys changed, they approached the pussy, then the mouth of my mother. – So guys, well, moved away! I commanded and everyone parted. I pulled my mother off the table. Her whole face was covered in her saliva, her mascara was smeared around her eyes, and her hair was disheveled. – Why did you stop? I just got a taste! Don’t worry, let’s continue! I took off my mother’s blouse. – Get on all fours! Mom smiled and obediently got up. The guys goggled at her ass. – Fuck your ass! the guys shouted. – She can not only admire, boys! The guys didn’t have to be told twice. They flew up to her. One fell in behind and drove his dick into my mom, and the second put it in her mouth. I sat on the couch and began to watch my mother being fucked from both sides by my friends, changing in turn. Ten minutes later, I got up from the couch and walked over to them. The guys parted, giving way to me. I approached, slapped my mother on her ass, spread her buttocks wider and sent my cock into her anus. A little effort and he slipped inside. Mom arched with pleasure: – Yes, son! Fuck me in the ass! I began to move my hips, driving my cock into my mom’s tight asshole. I picked up the pace, and she screamed louder. A couple of minutes later, I was furiously pecking at my mother, holding her hair with one hand and slapping her ass with the other. Mom herself also moved her hips with might and main, trying to plant as deep as possible. – And we, too, can be in the ass? one of the friends asked. – Well, mom, what do you say, they can fuck you in the ass, huh ?! I asked. – God, boys… Aaaaaah! Well, what a stupid question! It is not possible, but it is necessary! Since my son promised that you could fuck me, and he promised me that they would fuck me like in porn, then you simply have to fuck my ass with your cockaaaaaa! Mom couldn’t finish. Her voice turned into a wild scream from orgasm. Her whole body shook in convulsions. I pulled my cock out of her, got up and helped her up. The guys were waiting. Mom took one of them by the hand and sat on the sofa, and she sat on top. She slowly lowered her pussy onto his device, then turned her head towards the others. – Come on, boys, don’t be shy! – she said and parted her buttocks, opening the second hole. One of my friends immediately jumped up to her and with a sharp movement inserted his cock into her ass. – Aaaaah! Wow! How fat! The other two climbed onto the couch and jabbed their cocks into my mom’s face. The guys began to move in her two holes and mom immediately arched and moaned loudly. But before she had time to open her mouth, a third guy immediately inserted a member into it. Mom sat on two members at once, they walked in her cracks, from which she shuddered every time. Her head was constantly twirled by two guys, alternately fucking her in the mouth. After a few minutes of being active, the guys switched and my mom ended up with two other members. So they fucked her in a circle. When each of the guys visited all of her holes, my mother slid to the floor and knelt down. – Boys, it’s time for you to finish already! Don’t hesitate, come on! The guys approached her. They sent members to her face. Mom tilted her face up. I approached her from behind and pressed on her cheekbones. – Mammy, open your sperm bag! Mom obediently opened her mouth. I stepped aside. The guys stood around my mom and threw their dicks. Finally one of them fired. Sperm flew straight to her face. It ran down her cheeks. Mom wanted to pick her up with her finger, but she didn’t have time – two more discharged on her, flooding her lips and eyes. Then followed a stream of sperm from another – she got straight into her mouth. Then the rest finished. Mom sat on her knees, licking her lips from the sperm and directing the flowing sperm into her mouth. The guys moved away from her and sat down somewhere. After a while, Mom got up and went to take a shower. – Yes, Seryoga, mommy you have what you need! – I don’t know! – Hey, and we’ll arrange this for her, huh? – Well, when one of you has a birthday, then we’ll arrange it! – Shikos! By this time, my mother was out of the shower. She was wrapped in one towel. Sitting down on a chair, she looked around at everyone. Thank you guys, you made me very happy today. To be honest, for a long time I wanted to be fucked by many guys at the same time, and you fulfilled my dream, so to speak! – Aunt, Kat, we are always happy to try! – the guys rumbled. Mom knocked over a glass and said. – All right, I’ll go to my room. If anyone wants, he can come. Only this time one at a time, otherwise I don’t have much experience in this, I’m afraid it won’terzhu. Mom got up and left. – Seryoga, can we still have it, otherwise Mikha’s next birthday, and before him there are still two months! – Guys, my dr is not over yet, so she is at your disposal! Immediately after these words, one of my friends got up and went to my mother’s room, closing the door behind him. After some time, moans and screams began to be heard from behind the door. As soon as the first one left, the second one followed. So the guys entered the room one by one. I didn’t see what they did to my mom, but judging by her moans, she was incredibly good. The guys dispersed to their homes only in the middle of the night. I stayed at home and started clearing the table. Mom left the room and went to the shower. – You know, son, – she said, coming out of the shower – today on the phone you made me look like a complete whore in front of your friends! It wasn’t very nice of you. – So you’re a whore! So it is, but not really! I just love sex! And if you constantly fuck with only one man, then his cock gets bored, and so I have a variety! – How veiled! – In general, today was just great! Will have to repeat! Arrange? – If you ask well! I said and pulled down my pants. – For the sake of such as today, I am ready to beg you by any means! Mom knelt down and took my cock in her mouth. This time, her suction was much more sensual and harder. She swallowed my cock to the very core. – Wow, mom, and now you can do much better than when you first came to us. “Well, you hardly touched me this evening. – she said, releasing my barrel from her mouth, – so I have to work out! Mom smiled wickedly. – Then become a cancer, you will work out, whore! Mom obediently got up and stuck out her ass. – Just ask, be careful, otherwise I’ve already rubbed everything! – It’s not my problem! – I said and inserted my device into the broken-down pussy. – It hurts, damn it! – Be patient! I started fucking my mom. It was obvious that she was in pain, but that only made me more excited. I took the cock out of her pussy and put it in her ass. Mom screamed again. I started fucking her ass. Then he changed the hole again. So I alternately had my mother in her tormented holes. Finally, I felt that I would soon finish. I grabbed her by the hair and began ruthlessly pecking her pussy. Judging by the moans, the pain was replaced by pleasure and now she was high. A couple of sharp thrusts and I shot a volley of sperm right into my mom’s pussy. Her legs buckled and she fell to the floor. – God, son! It was cool! At first everything hurt, but then … I leaned over and kissed my mother. – Also, son, it may sound strange, but I liked the way you talked to me like a whore. – Hmm, fate rewarded me with a mother: not only is she a whore, what to look for, but also a pervert! I quipped. – But you can fuck me! – That’s for sure. I kissed my mother again. By the way, you wanted to do it again, right? – Well, yes. – In a couple of months it will be Misha’s birthday. And I think you will be a welcome guest there. – And earlier in any way? – Well, I do not! I don’t want my friends to think they can fuck you whenever they want. That’s why it’s only on holidays! – Wow, son, are you jealous?! Don’t worry, none of them can replace you for me. Okay, let’s go to the shower, otherwise I need to wash your cum out of my pussy. I got up and helped my mother up. She went to the bathroom, I followed her. While I was walking, I did not stop looking at her ass. And even though I saw and fucked her many times, but now she looked somehow too sexy, which made me get up again. Stepping into the bath, mom saw my boner. – It seems to someone it was not enough today? – There is such a thing. Before I could finish, my mother was on her knees. – In that case, I simply must help you! – She said and swallowed my cock. A warm feeling spread throughout the body. I knew that on this night we would not stop and fall asleep.

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