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AI for Content Writing? Let’s Understand Why You Should And Shouldn’t


AI content creation has become a real game-changer, shaking things up for how we make and judge content these days. It’s everywhere you look! Stats back it up too: nearly half (46%) are using AI for customer service, 40% for managing stock, and over a third (35%) are using it to whip up content.

For some, it’s a lifesaver, freeing up time to get creative and curate content on the fly. But hold on, there are those creative purists who swear by the power of human imagination and shun AI altogether.  There’s merit to both sides, of course.

The truth is, that audiences crave realness over content that’s just gussied up with fancy words but lacks flow. Here’s the catch with AI-generated content: it feeds off information created by humans, so it can’t exactly come up with brand-new ideas. It’s like having a super-powered copy machine, but it’s not exactly Picasso.
AI and Content Creation: Why You Shouldn’t Solely Rely on AI

  • Incorrect Data- While tools like ChatGPT are a whiz at churning out info, but sometimes that info can be a little…well, off. Remember, it’s only as good as the web it’s trained on, which can be a messy mix of truth, fiction, and bias. Don’t be fooled by its confidence – fact-check everything!
  • Authenticity Check- AI can write on a bunch of topics, but it might not win any awards for originality.  Think of it like this: AI learns patterns so that the content can feel repetitive or generic. To truly grab your readers’ attention, there’s nothing like that special human touch.  Those creative insights and storytelling skills are what make human writers shine!
  • Lacks Connection- Here’s the thing: AI just can’t capture how humans connect with emotions.  Sure, AI tools can write grammatically correct sentences, but what about the perfect tone or humour to fit your audience?  This is where AI fumbles.
  • Creativity, Well..- You see, human writers bring their own experiences, wit, and knowledge to the table. This creates content that truly resonates with readers and builds a connection.  Especially if you want your content to stand out from the crowd, that human element is key.
  • Nightmare For B2B content – B2B content, especially for large companies, needs legal eagle eyes. You can’t risk unproven claims or missing citations.  AI writers are like a black box. No one, not even its creators, knows exactly where it gets its info.  Cool tech, legal disaster.  It might fabricate citations, making your content a ticking time bomb.
  • Bad For SEO- Now, AI can be a handy tool in your content creation belt. But churning out completely AI-written content that’s thin on value? That might get you in trouble with search engines.  Google’s getting smarter at spotting low-quality content, and guess what? AI-generated content often falls into that category.
  • Lack of Specialisation- Think of it like this: Your AI assistant reads a ton of books, but it can’t keep up with the latest updates or have those “aha!” moments that come from experience.  So, if you ask it about something super specific, it might miss the mark. It’s like getting a summary from someone who’s skimmed a bunch of articles but has never actually done the thing themselves. Sure, they might hit the high points, but they won’t have that deep understanding that comes from getting their hands dirty.

Don’t worry, we’re not here to diss AI! We think such tools can be awesome teammates in the content creation world (when used wisely, of course).

Here’s how AI can be your secret weapon:

  • Content Creator Sidekick: Transforming your content from ordinary to extraordinary! Swooping in with creative ideas for articles, blogs, and more. Tools like Scalenut and Rytr generate short-form content across formats in seconds.

Also expert suggestion tools like Pepper Content offers AI writing tools and expert networks to manage your entire content lifecycle.

  • Mastermind Marketing Assistant: Crafting captivating email templates and social media posts is a breeze with AI writer tools. Let it draft the groundwork while you add your personal touch, saving time and effort. Tools like and Simplified provide AI copywriting, stunning design tools, and easy collaboration for your team.
  • SEO Wizard: Climbing the search engine ladder is effortless with ChatGPT by your side. Jasper and assist marketers with creating targeted content and SEO optimization. It sprinkles in keywords and phrases to boost your content’s visibility, ensuring it shines in the digital realm.
  • Idea Machine: Feeling stuck? AI can be your go-to brainstorming buddy, churning out unique content ideas you may not have considered. Tools like Anyword and Writesonic help you craft catchy messages and content fast. Say goodbye to staring at a blank page and hello to endless inspiration!
  • Structuring Savant: Assistant tools can also be your roadmap architect, mapping out content outlines with precision. Tools like Wordtune, Grammarly and Quillbot keep your writing polished and error-free with clear and compelling phrasing. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to organised, efficient creation!


By using AI tools like ChatGPT alongside your creativity, you can streamline your workflow, overcome writer’s block, and craft compelling content that resonates with your audience. While AI can speed up writing, it won’t create the unique content search engines crave.  Think of AI as a writing assistant, not a replacement. You’ll still need to craft your story, voice, and expertise to truly stand out.

So, that’s the scoop! AI isn’t your robot overlord (yet!), but more like your writing wingman with superpowers.   As for this article, the author might have used some AI help…or maybe they’re just a typing whiz. Guess you’ll never know!

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