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LinkedIn: Then Vs Now


Remember the days of scrambling through endless job boards with stacks of printed resumes? Well, LinkedIn came along and revolutionised the game entirely. It’s become the ultimate social hub for professionals, seamlessly connecting job seekers with incredible opportunities and fostering connections between businesses.

While Facebook may reign as the largest social network today, LinkedIn has been quietly supporting its users for much longer. Known as the go-to platform for professionals, LinkedIn boasts a rich history, starting from its humble beginnings in a living room back in 2002.

Fast forward to today, it boasts over 1 billion members across 200 countries, making it a powerhouse in the social media realm.

But with great success comes evolution, and LinkedIn has undergone significant changes over the years. From its original vision of connecting individuals with job opportunities, it has morphed into a multifaceted platform. Now, it not only serves as a gateway to the job market but also as a hub for personal branding and service promotion.

Let’s see how LinkedIn has been important for various profiles.  

Personal Branding: It helps you by providing a Platform to showcase your professional identity, skills, and achievements. You can leverage Linkedin to build your personal brand and make yourself visible to a large set of professionals, who can benefit from your skill-set and your area of expertise with  content that resonates.

Recruiter: Get access to a large pool full of talented professionals, making it easier to find qualified candidates for job openings. They offer advanced search filters and candidates insights for informed hiring decisions, integrated with messaging and company pages for streamlined recruitment. Networking Opportunities with professionals in their industry, building relationships that may help them in future.

B2B Sales:  Sales professionals can use LinkedIn’s advanced search filters to identify decision-makers and key contact in specific industries and companies, and increase the efficiency of their outcome. LinkedIn sales navigator empowers B2B sales professionals with lead generation tools,enabling personalised outreach and streamlined CRM integration for improved efficiency, which can help sales professionals position themselves as trusted  advisors.

Companies: LinkedIn is an opportunity for companies, for brand building, talent acquisition, and B2B networking. LinkedIn life feature showcases a company’s culture, values, and employee experiences, helping to attract top talent. On other hand, a LinkedIn page is a dedicated page for a company or organisation where they can share updates, job openings and other information. It’s more of a marketing and a company’s identity features to engage with followers and potential customers or employees.

Content Diversity- The Leaderboard Holder When It Comes To Online Presence Building-

In 2019, LinkedIn experienced a 25% increase in sessions, totalling 358 billion feed updates. 

For individuals, LinkedIn is the perfect stage to showcase your talents. But to make the most of it, you need to level up your posting strategy and profile. Putting your knowledge on a pedestal, you can market yourself as a leading expert in your subject domain. It will help recruiters and fellow candidates to gain insight and it also  improves your online influence. 

Businesses are constantly on the lookout for engaging content that drives their marketing objectives forward, and experts (agencies/individuals) can help them to market and make their product and voices reach the right audience.
Effective leveraging of such a platform can help improve businesses’ brand presence by positioning relevance with content’s ingenuity and trustworthiness. Thus, making their products and services much more attractive for ones looking for long-time investment.

When harnessed effectively, LinkedIn unlocks a world of opportunities:

  1. Plethora of opportunities as businesses seek diverse content marketing.
  2. Networking and collaboration opportunities with top creators worldwide.
  3. Establishes oneself as a thought leader.
  4. Effective lead generation across various industries.
  5. Enhances skills through networking and learning from industry experts.

Content production volume remains one of the biggest challenges for businesses, especially focusing on blog and interactive content. Despite its large user base, only 3 million users share content weekly, yet generate 9 billion impressions.
LinkedIn also drives 46% of social traffic to B2B sites and is favoured by 98% of content marketers for B2B marketing and lead generation. 

Why is marketing on LinkedIn crucial?
When it comes to social media marketing, the temptation may be to focus solely on the “big three” platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. While these platforms are undoubtedly valuable for reaching your target audience, overlooking LinkedIn is a missed opportunity.
As the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn boasts a staggering lead generation rate that surpasses Facebook and Twitter by 227%, making it indispensable for businesses looking to market effectively.

LinkedIn offers a variety of content-sharing options, including articles, links to your website, slideshows, and videos, all of which are popular among its users.
LinkedIn, the ultimate hub for professional networking, has revolutionised our digital connections. Professionals can utilise LinkedIn for their better matching algorithms, freelancers can join the marketplace to get connected to big companies. The feedback and rating system based on clients can help freelancers to build their credibility. Companies can improve their online reputation by showing  regular presence, posting regular content and engaging with the audience.

LinkedIn is more than just sprucing up your profile; it’s about creating a playground where you can flaunt your skills, explore new opportunities, and connect with big industry names. And hey, it’s not just about titles and experience – LinkedIn is all about forging authentic connections and establishing yourself as a respected voice in your field

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